Causeway Bay

Yun Ping Road - International brands concentrated area

Yun Ping Road which possession of the Lee Garden I & II and adjacent to the Jardine’s Crescent, always been concentrated in high-end international brands, it can be called a sparky and luxury shopping and entertainment place in Causeway Bay Shopping district. With the inauguration of Hysan Place and transformation of the Capitol Centre, push forward the crowd of this zone, plus retail rents are staggeringly high on Russell Street, Yun Ping Road will be attract more brands favored.


As brand name stores scramble into Causeway Bay, retail rents in the Pak Sha Road and Yun Ping Road areas have been on the rise, and vacancy is never a worry for property owners. Some owners have even set up a “pre-lease service”, i.e. the new tenant can sign a pre-lease before the existing tenant moves out. This type of arrangement is becoming more and more common, reflecting the high demand for retail space in the area.